Boot Camps got me Booticulous!

Week 1

I have embarked on a Journey! (I wanted my first post to be really profound and deep, and I want to show you how very sophisticated I am, that I understand ‘Art’ in such a philosophical manner, but all I could think of was – man those guys sound pretentious in the videos!) So (against popular opinion of course) my understanding is this:

Art is just another way for people to show off to each other, to say look;

Look I am better than you because I can MAKE this and you cant,

or I am better than you because I can BUY this and you cant,

or I am better than you because I can understand and APPRECIATE this and you cant. 

Nevertheless, here I am. (How appropriate is the ‘thinking face’ smiley here)

So follow me on all the social media platforms I spent the last hour signing up to, #becauseifnotwhatwasthepointofthat.

Honestly, Flickr might be one of the hardest websites to maneuver if you lack in the patience department, mostly because it takes so long to load one little thing you do, but then again its free so…you know. And SoundCloud … YouTube … Twitter and phew!

I’ve made a whole page just about me! Do check it out and let me know down below if you  are in the same boat as me!

Reflections about Bootcamp! By no means is it hard, but it is extremely frustrating to learn from scratch, how to do (what i assumed were) simple things!

Especially on WordPress, did you know the way to edit your page also depends on the theme you’ve chosen, I didn’t. And I changed my theme thrice before  I stuck with this one. Plus, if you change themes all the photos from the previous theme still stay but in a different style. These are pre-loaded photos from the theme and not content I uploaded. So i had to manually sit and spend a frustrating 10 minutes deleting all the photos and ‘fake’ articles.

Also, if you’ve been primarily using you phone for typing emails and documents in general for the past four years like me, then you’re in for a crude awakening my friend, because as much as we love to hate it, guess what, there is no auto-correct on WordPress!!!! unless there is and I haven’t checked. Let me check.

OK back from a quick google check! turns out I can turn it on in my browser and that means I no longer have to go back and make all my ‘i’s’ capital!


Now for a little funny tidbit about the tweet embedded from twitter up there, well let me start with Einsteins quote about insanity!

You guessed it! I misunderstood the advice in the handbook about embedding media and kept trying to add the URL into the html section of a new blog post, and this is what i kept getting.


Exhibit a.



I tried this over and over and got the same results. I just couldn’t get it to look like it is up there.



But, after a coffee break,


I finally figured out that all it meant was copying the URL  and pasting it on the visual page of a post in a new line.

I cant wait to see how many other simple tasks I take more than a day to figure out.

Daily Creates, are these the most fun projects ever, or are they!

and my personal favorite,

See you out there guys!



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